Los Montesinos, Alicante.
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At UrpeSpain we offer all the services you need for construction or renovations. We carry out all kinds of personalized requests, because our mission is to satisfy the needs of our clients. We are not afraid of personalized projects and we always seek your satisfaction above all else.

Construction and Interior Reforms


Construction, design and reform of rooms; we design all types of bedrooms, rooms and work areas including reforms.


Design, installation and reform of bathrooms and showers in Urpespain, we design, build or reform your bathroom.


Construction and renovation of kitchens, we are experts in the design, installation and renovation of all types of kitchens.

Construction and Exterior Reforms

Terraces, patios and paths

Installation and reform of patios, terraces and pavements. We are experts in laying all types of flooring for your terrace or patio.


Construction and renovation of stairs. UrpeSpain has been in charge of building and reforming or renovating stairs in Spain since 2003.

Swimming pools

UrpeSpain is in charge of designing, building or reforming swimming pools that adjust to the tastes and needs of its clients.

Design and Planning

Interior design

Interior and space designers plan and organize commercial and home interior design. Projects can take place in all kinds of environments.


We have personalized decorations for you, with special attention to aesthetics, functionality and adapted to the geometry of the place.
We have prior advisory services to capture the needs of our clients.

Construction Design and Management

At UrpeSpain we seek to get involved early in the design phase in order to manage the project more efficiently, provide effective construction solutions, and identify challenges early on to mitigate design changes after construction starts.

Pre-construction and Planning

UrpeSpain carries out detailed pre-construction planning crucial for a successful project and on-time delivery, as well as allowing the client and the team a clear path through the bidding process, the construction phase through to completion of construction.

Construction and General Reforms


At UrpeSpain we design and execute the construction of buildings of all kinds, from scratch, so that you have the space of your dreams, totally within your reach.
Complying with the safety and quality requirements stipulated in the regulations, without risks or additional costs.

Construction of facades and fences

At UrpeSpain we have been in charge of building and reforming all kinds of facades in Spain since 2003.
We can also build any type of walls, barriers and fences for your property.

General Construction Contract

Each construction has a unique scope, but the process is systematically applied to each construction project and UrpeSpain as a general contractor, first creates the highest level of trust and integrity with its clients.

General Reforms

We are specialists in renovating interior spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, terraces or any other area of your home or office that you want to reform.

Home Repairs

At UrpeSpain we carry out all kinds of services in terms of home repairs, guaranteeing the quality of the service until it is like new.