Los Montesinos, Alicante.
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At UrpeSpain we design and execute the construction and building of all kinds, from scratch. So that you have the space of your dreams totally within your reach. Complying with the safety and quality requirements stipulated in the regulations, without risks or additional costs.

In this way, we can offer you a proposal fully tailored to your needs, that is within your budget, that you can get it out and achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.


At UrpeSpain we carry out all kinds of constructions

How can we help you?


If you have land and you want to build your house, office or any other space. UrpeSpain services in principle include fully personalized advice. Our priority has always been to know your impression and concerns about the project you have in mind.

If what you want is to expand an area of your home or build a totally new annex, we can also help you. At UrpeSpain we take care of the construction and building of all kinds. And that your spaces are as you expect, without any details. That your extensions become an integral part of your home or office. Where you do not notice the difference between existing and new spaces, harmonizing the new areas for your comfort and tranquility.
We have highly qualified personnel, machinery and equipment in excellent condition to ensure the projection of structural elements and the execution of aesthetic finishes, safely, in the shortest time and with the lowest costs in the market.

UrpeSpain offers tailor-made projects and safe constructions

One of the specialties of UrpeSpain are the bungalows, we have extensive experience in this type of construction in Spain. More than 1000 actually executed, of excellent quality and at the best prices.
Its design is very particular, type cabin or house, occupying a small space. With a light construction, they are made of wood and thatched roof, galvanized sheet, beams with decorative tiles. They have a rustic finish and have very large windows, which provide great visibility and natural lighting to the site.
If you want to build or expand a building in Spain and clarify all these details, you can contact us and request a quote. At UrpeSpain our team is at your disposal to adapt to your schedule, requirements and advise you on the matter.