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Our services

Terraces, patios and roads

Installation and reform of Patios, Terraces and Paving We are experts in the placement of all types of floors for your terrace or patio.

Construction of Stairs

Construction and Renovation of Stairs We have built stairs in Spain since 2003, here are some of our most recent projects.

Room Reforms

Installation, Design and renovation of rooms we design all types of bedrooms, rooms and work areas including renovations. Below we present some of our latest projects.


Bathrooms and showers design, installation and renovation at Urpespain, we design and build or renovate your bathroom

Fences and construction

Fences and balustrades we build all your ideas of balustrades and fences. We can build any type of wall or barrier for your property

Facade and Construction

Facade construction and reform we have built all kinds of facades in Spain since 2003. Please take a look at some of our works!

Design Kitchens

Kitchens of design, installation and reform we are experts in design, installation and reform of all types of kitchens.

General Reforms

General reforms In Urpespain, we are leaders in reforms, both for the home and for your business.

Welcome to Urpespain

We are a leading construction company, specialized in reforms and all types of construction in general. We were born in 2002, and since then 15 years guarantee us, of satisfaction on the part of our clients.

Urpespain is located in Rojales, province of Alicante, although we have no problems to move to your town, to meet your needs. We have good feedback from our customers, who trusted Urpespain and also prices adapted to their needs.

In Urpespain, we make all kinds of personalized requests, because our mission is to satisfy the needs of our customers. We offer all the services you need for construction or renovation. We are not afraid of personalized projects, and we always seek your satisfaction above all else.

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