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In Urpe Spain we help you decorate your home, keep it updated, avant-garde, we do everything possible because your furniture, and all exterior areas are kept in good condition.

We have the most competitive prices in the market, low costs and great responsibility and commitment to our customers define our services.

If you want to give a new look to your home we offer a team of creative professionals, in good taste, with all the tools in terms of avant-garde trends of the moment, ready to put them in your hands and that you decide, with our advice, which is the one that best suits your style and budget.

We have for you personalized, personalized decorations, with special attention to aesthetics, functionality and adapted to the geometry of the place, taking advantage of its advantages to the maximum and minimizing or even eliminating the negative aspects of your areas of coexistence and rest.

Make your spaces a temple, where you can develop fully and whose environment invites you to let your ideas, imagination and creativity fly. We have a prior advisory service to capture the needs of our customers, depending on this and other factors such as your budget, available space, style, etc., we will give you the best decoration options. Good taste and simplicity are our main premises for this type of work.

Decorating your home does not require large budgets, we offer you alternatives at low cost, with minimal activities that will provide a great change in your home. Our team of experts will provide you with concrete, fast and low impact solutions that you want to give a touch of freshness to your home with a reduced budget.

Another important point is the appearance of your garden, which not only depends on a good initial design project, the subsequent work is even more important, it is the key to keeping it in good condition, flourishing, and with a unique appearance due to the good health of your plants.

We offer you a gardening service, with expert staff in the area, and specialized equipment to give your garden the care and maintenance it requires. Our services include lawn mowing, plant treatments, weed removal, irrigation system supervision, among others.

If you need to make any decoration or maintenance of furniture and / or gardens contact us, Urpe Spain provides this service throughout Spain. Our team is at your disposal to adapt to your schedule and requirements and provide advice on this.

In Urpe Spain we are your best option, competitive prices and first quality services, contact us right now!